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Even though #GivingTuesday is over, you can still help women, men, and children in our community. It’s easy to do and doesn’t involve fighting the crowds or even getting in your car. You can visit our donation page here and make your donation in the comfort of your own home. When you donate, don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

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2017 Gala Sponsors

A HUGE thank you to all of our 5th Annual Gala Sponsors. These sponsors made it possible that all the funds raised by the Gala will go directly towards running Choices Women’s Center. These sponsors covered all of the cost for holding the Gala this year. We greatly appreciate you!

2017 Gala Sponsors


BG Consulting Services

Caroline Christian Health Center

Dairy Queen

Dan Donehey at Coldwell Banker Elite

Douglas Meyer, M.D.

Goolrick’s Pharmacy

JRM Technologies

Lifepoint Church

Mary’s Shelter

New Beginnings OB/GYN

Red Door Cleaning


Spotswood Baptist Church

Tricord Homes

Vakos Real Estate

Virginia Baptist College

Wayne L. Whitley, DDS – Oral System Biology


A Mother’s Perspective

In 1978, my 16-year-old daughter came to me with tears in her eyes to tell me she thought she was pregnant. I took her in my arms and said, “I am so sorry.” I didn’t berate her in any way, criticize her or pass any judgment, I just held her. We talked about her options: 1. Keep the baby with the understanding she would have the responsibility of raising this child, as I was the sole bread winner for our family and would not be able to quit work to care for a baby; 2. Have the baby and make an adoption plan; or 3. Have an abortion. She never hesitated—she chose abortion.

Looking back, I have often wondered if I put too much of the responsibility on her at age 16 in making that decision. Granted (and I am not making excuses here), we had different views on the abortion process in 1978. At this early stage, “it” wasn’t really a baby yet—or so we were led to believe. Even though we “attended church,” we were not where we needed to be in our walk with the Lord. My daughter and I both swept it under the rug and moved on with life.

Years later, I moved to Virginia and got involved with the pregnancy center as a volunteer. I came here primarily to “have something to do” in a new location. I wanted to meet new people and be useful in some small way to the community I now called home. I signed up for the “The Love Approach” workshop to prepare for working at the clinic. On day one, after the session ended, I spoke briefly with the client services director about my daughter and what she had gone through. She suggested I attend the “Forgiven and Set Free” Bible Study—a post-abortion Bible study for women. She pointed out that even though I was not the one that actually had the abortion I “might” have some unresolved feelings about it as well. Quite honestly, I didn’t think I did…it had been such a long time ago and both our lives had moved on in many directions. When the next Bible study was scheduled, Denise, the executive director of the center at that time, came to me again and asked if I would be interested in attending. There must be a reason for this I told myself, God is nudging me through these two Godly women, so I signed up.

I never had a clue what an 11-week journey I was about to embark on.  Day one hit me like a ton of bricks. The chapter was entitled, “How Do I Know Where I Need Healing?”  I didn’t even know I needed healing. I never realized just how much that decision in 1978 had impacted both our lives. It was something neither one of us talked about. We put it behind us—or at least we thought we had.

This Bible study forced me to come to grips with our decision (and I mean that in a positive way). Now I share with others what the long-term effects will be when making such a life-impacting decision. You never forget it. You can bury it for periods of time but it always hangs over your head. I told my daughter about the Bible study and wished I could share it with her but she lives in another state. To this day, her husband of 20 years is unaware of the abortion.  She wishes it had never happened, but continues to try to “not think about it.” I know the Bible study would give her a peace she may not realize she needs—I didn’t realize it myself until I opened the book and the journey began.  

Our two leaders were awesome. So willing to share their own experiences/feelings. They were non-judgmental and made the three of us in the class all feel comfortable and willing to also share.

Even though I did not have the abortion, being the mother is a hard place to be as well. For years afterward, I questioned myself—did we do the right thing? Did I really give my daughter good council? And now, what can I do to help her (even after all these years) get through her healing?

This Bible study has answered more questions than I even thought I had. It has given me a peace to understand and know that our God is all forgiving—even when we make bad choices. I highly recommend this study to anyone (mothers and daughters) who has gone through an abortion—regardless of how many months or even years it has been. You may not think you need healing—I didn’t either—but I soon found out differently and it sets you free. Free from guilt and shame.  God is such an awesome God—loving us, caring about us, and opening His arms to receive us—all we have to do is ask.

Forgiven and Set Free Class

Save a Baby – Serve a Client

We are looking for more individuals, churches, or small groups that would be willing to “adopt” a client and their baby for the first 12 months. By signing up for this program, you would be committing to:

  • Praying regularly for the client, her baby, her family, and any specific needs requested by the client.
  • Providing all diapers needed in the first year.
  • Providing one can of formula every 3 months.

We have clients that are in need of this program starting immediately!

If you would like more information, please contact us at admin@cwcva.org or by phone at 540-370-1800. 

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer is fully underway, and what a season it has been! We are so excited about the changes at CWC along with the blessings of God’s faithfulness. We are encouraged by the lives that are continually being touched and changed through your faithfulness to this organization. Thank you.

We especially want to say thank you to Denise Swett who served for 5 years as the Executive Director of FPC/CWC. Her passion and dedication made it possible for the center to grow and flourish. We send our blessings and thankfulness with her as she moves to New Hampshire!  And we welcome Christian Johnson into the CWC family as the new E.D.


If you have not read the Summer Edition Newsletter, here it is for you!


And if you prefer a printed copy, you can email and let us know that you want to be added to our mailing list.

Walk 2017 Praises and Photos

The Choices Women’s Center Annual Walk for Life was a great success! Despite the rain and dreary weather, we had 92 registrants, not including many children in attendance, and God gave us $27,000 in donations to help keep this life-affirming center open. Each step taken was a step for women (and men) in need.

After we walked through the rain, we gathered under the pavilion for brunch, prizes, and great fellowship. No amount of rain is dampening what God is doing here in Fredericksburg through the Choices Women’s Center. Thank you for being such an encouragement in this Walk for Life!

Thank you Treneka at For the Joy Photography for our event photos!

We also had the Stephen’s family take photos for us! Check them out!

And for more photos, you can visit David Bice’s Facebook Album.



Thank You to This Year’s Walk/Run for Life Underwriters!

We are grateful for the support of our Walk/Run underwriters–thank you!

Winter 2017 Newsletter

We are so excited to introduce our next newsletter! If you would prefer the print edition, just contact the office and ask to be placed on the mailing list.

This edition includes:

  • Observations of our new Client Services Director
  • Staff Bio
  • Sanctity of Human Life Update
  • Upcoming Walk/Run for Life
  • Baby Bottle Campaign Update
  • Open House Plans
  • And more!

Click on one of the links below for the latest news!

2017 Winter Newsletter Outside

2017 Winter Newsletter Inside

pregnancy support

5th Annual Walk/Run for Life


As we complete our transition to Choices Women’s Center, our mission remains the same–to empower those facing unplanned pregnancy with hope and life-affirming choices.

Please join us at our fifth Walk/Run for Life and help the Center raise funds so we can continue sharing the good news of hope for a bright future with women and men facing crisis pregnancies.


Date and Time:

Saturday, May 6, 2017
8:30am – 11:00am

Old Mill Park
Park Access to the Heritage Trail
2201 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401


8:30   Registration

9:00   Program & Walk/Run Begin

10:30 Recognition & Appreciation With Family Fun Celebration

2017 Baby Bottle Campaign

Have you ever wondered how you can have an impact or minister to a woman or teen faced with an unplanned pregnancy who does not know where to turn for help?  You can help change a life by participating in the Choices Women’s Center’s (formally Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center) Baby Bottle Campaign.

CWC is a Christ-centered medical center providing hope and empowering life-affirming choices to those facing unplanned pregnancies.  Starting on January 15th—Sanctity of Human Life Sunday—we will be distributing empty baby bottles.  It is easy—you take a baby bottle home,  put it on your dresser or on your kitchen counter and fill it with spare change, a check or cash and return it February 12th.

Every penny, dollar, and check collected will go directly to the operating costs of the center and will assist in providing ultrasounds, medical services related to pregnancy, and counseling support to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. In recent years, many church congregations, youth Sunday school classes, and high school groups have competed to see who could raise the most funds. One group even competed to see which group could gather the most in tons!

Not only is this a fundraiser to support the work of the center,  it is a way to help educate our youth and encourage the Christian community in carrying out our God-given mandate to uphold the Sanctity of all Human Life.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Since we opened four years ago, we have seen young women enter the door burdened with spiritual, physical, and emotional needs and find peace—knowing that they have found help from people who genuinely care about them. Thank you for partnering with us to make this possible!

It is our joy to do what God has called us all to do—recognize and honor the sanctity of all human life. Jeremiah 1:5 is a timely reminder of this, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you.”

Just this year, we were able to help over 451 individual clients in their time of need. What a privilege to be able to share with our community the sacredness of life and God’s love for the most vulnerable among us.

In 2012, the year we opened, the rate of abortions in the Fredericksburg area (Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George and Caroline) was 47.1%. Since then, we have seen this drop to 27% in 2014. However, this rate is still higher than the national average of 16.9%.

Each week, clients share with our consultants their struggles, fears, and hopes. We are given the opportunity to walk with them through a highly emotional time and provide reliable information and resources to help them. Sometimes, they have already made the decision to parent and need community supports to help them do so. Other clients are abortion-minded when they arrive but change their mind when they see their little one’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. Still others, who are abortion vulnerable, come in and may seem to reconsider their decision but we don’t know the outcome because we are unable to reach them after their visit.

Whatever their decision, we want them to know that we are here to provide resources and referrals, parenting classes, guided post-abortion Bible studies and the message of grace, mercy, and love that can only come through Christ.

On January 15th, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, join us in promoting the sanctity of all human life from the moment of conception.



Ending the Year on the Right “Heartbeat”

Here at Choices Women’s Center (formerly Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center), we see approximately 600 clients–from several counties–over the course of a year and our average client is college-aged. Some of our clients come from the local university and community college, some are indigent, some are refugees or immigrants, some come from broken families and homes, some come with boyfriends, parents or friends and some come alone.

two women talkingFor some, they have had an abortion in the past and, this time, they are determined to give life to their child.

For others, they feel trapped. They are scared. They think abortion is their only answer.

But when abortion feels like the only option, it’s not a true choice.

We also see women—and men—who grieve over the loss of a child through an abortion. For some of them, the abortion experience is still very raw and painful, while for others, the burden of guilt and anger has weighed them down for so long, they need to learn how to place it all in God’s hands.

All of our clients have things in common—they need help and an outpouring of God’s love, grace, and mercy.

Our services are always free and with this giving opportunity, you will help us in our goal of expanding our services and continuing to offer these supports for free.

The reality is finances are tight for everyone, and the Center is no exception. Choice’s Women’s Center only exists because of our partners in the community who believe in our life-saving and life-changing mission. Even with our army of volunteers, if all of our donors, just regular people like you and me, ceased to partner with us, the Center would have to close its doors in 4 to 5 months.

2016 was a hard year financially. Although we do several small fund-raisers throughout the year, we do one major one – our Gala Dinner. We expected to raise $150,000 at the gala, but this has been a very rough year for everyone. We only raised $67,000. We are finishing the year in the black, but that was due to good stewardship and taking a substantial amount from our savings.

What would you do to save a life? To change a lishannon-robinson-and-babyfe? Would you consider partnering with Choices Women’s Center with an end of the year gift to help the ministry finish the year strong? Would you ask the Holy Spirit to what degree you can be involved? Would you consider a one-time donation or becoming a monthly partner?

The Board of Directors thanks you for your time and we pray blessings over you and your family in however the Holy Spirit leads you to steward the resources He’s given you.

In Christ,

Board of Directors of Choices Women’s Center


Shop AND Support

All day. Every day. Amazon Prime member or not. You can support FPC/CWC by just doing your regular Amazon shopping. Just make sure it also says Amazon Smile at the top of the page. Here’s a link to Smile using the FPC/CWC link.



A Big Thank You to the Knights of Columbus!


“Come and get it!”

The Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center/Choices Women’s Center would like to thank the Knights of Columbus Fr. Widmer Council #7877 for raising much-needed funds in support of the ultrasound initiative!

Friday, October 14th, the Knights held a Fish Fry at St. William of York Catholic Church in Stafford to benefit the Center. Thank you to all who turned out to help make this event a success!

Fish Fry Benefit – Oct 14th

We are so thankful for the Support of the Knights of Columbus! We’re also thankful for friend fish and famous fries! Come on out to support FPC and the Knights and have an amazing meal this Friday!